Discovery and development of drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for neglected tropical diseases is a challenging mission. We are therefore interested in finding partners and collaborators who could provide resources, consultations, and collaborative programs of mutual interest. Please feel free to contact us with ideas for collaboration in any of our disease areas.

We also welcome help through donations. You can click donate for further information.

Specific resources that have helped us in the past include:

  • Quality compound libraries—which can be used for screening and discovery of drug leads. We are interested both in target-directed libraries versus proteases, kinases, HSP-90 and sterol biosynthesis enzymes (CYP51), as well as diversity libraries that we can screen directly against parasites in culture.
  • FDA-approved compounds and compounds that have reached the clinic—even if these have failed in other programs—may prove valuable in targeting parasitic organisms responsible for neglected tropical diseases.
  • PK/PD/ADME and toxicology assistance.
  • Medicinal chemistry assistance.