Auranofin lightgray 300x3003-D structure of the Auranofin molecule with gold atom in dark-yellow bound between the light-yellow sulfur and orange posphorus.

Our research on Entamoeba histolytica includes understanding how specific host factors influence the transcriptional program of E. histolytica and protease activity related to intestinal invasion. In collaboration with Sharon Reed of University of California, San Diego, we are studying the role of cysteine proteases in amebiasis.

In parallel, we pioneered the development of a high throughput assay for screening potential drugs against Entamoeba in culture. Utilizing this automated screening methodology we recently identified auranofin, an FDA-approved oral drug, as 10 times more effective in culture than metronidazole, the current drug of choice for amebiasis. Auranofin has been in clinical use to treat rheumatoid arthritis since 1985. Our studies indicated that auranofin targets the E. histolytica thioredoxin reductase. Oral auranofin at low dose significantly decreased the number of parasites and also host inflammation in a mouse model of colitis and a hamster model of amebic liver abscess. A similar dose of metronidazole had no effect. These findings suggest that thioredoxin reductase is a valid drug target in E. histolytica, which can be inhibited with a "repurposed" FDA approved drug, auranofin. Based on these results, the US FDA has given Orphan-Drug status to auranofin for treatment of amebiasis. A Phase II clinical trial of auranofin for human amebiasis is currently being planned by Dr. Reed.


pipeline 720x38
  • Cysteine proteases and other targets arise from screening activities
  • Thioredoxin reductase
  • Compound libraries from various sources
  • FDA-approved compounds
  • Auranofin
  • Cysteine protease inhibitors
  • Hsp90 inhibitors
  • Kinase-targeted inhibitors
  • Auranofin IND-enabling
  • Orphan Drug Status of Auranofin from the FDA


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