schisto 300x200Schistosoma mansoni screen data made publicly available

The CDIPD has made publicly available the data from their Schistosoma mansoni whole-organism screening of the MMV malaria box. The S. mansoni screening dataset can be found on the ChEMBl database using the keyword search 'caffrey' and clicking on 'assays.' The data are also available in the public level of the CDD database.

As stated on the MMV website, the 400 malaria box compounds have confirmed activity against the blood-stage of Plasmodium falciparum, are commercially available and were distilled from around 20,000 hits generated from approximately four million compounds from the libraries of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, TN, USA, Novartis and GSK. The selection was made to provide the broadest cross-section of structural diversity and, in the case of the drug-like compounds, properties commensurate with oral absorption and the minimum presence of toxicophores.